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Here is a fun large group mixer you can use to get to know new people. We called this our "m&m mixer"The first MOPS meeting of a new semester can be exciting for returning members and perhaps a little nerve-racking for the new members. Many of these moms do not know their tablemates and may need some help in breaking the ice. To get conversations going and facilitate introductions we provided this fun "m&m mixer". It was a great way for the moms to get to know one another without the anxiety…

Jennifer Crooks
This game could be good for a group or a single person session. This is a great way to get someone to talk about their feelings and process their emotions with the fun twist of food. Counseling Activities, Team Building Activities, School Activities, Group Activities, Leadership Activities, Icebreaker Activities, Group Games, Camping Activities, Feelings Games

Getting kids to talk about their emotions plays a huge part in helping them to process those emotions, get past them and move on with their lives. When you can combine that process with candy, well that just creates an all-around great situation. That why we were so excited to come across the M&M emotion game at Living a Rad Life.In this game, you use snack sized bags of chocolate covered candy (M&M’s) in order to get kids talking about their emotions. You and the child (or every child if…

Vanessa Anderson
The Fast-Moving M&M Game That Everyone Will Love - Nye Games, Class Games, Funny Christmas Party Games, Holiday Games, Easy Party Games, Adult Party Games, Money Gifts Christmas, Christmas Fun, M&m Game

This fun M&M game is so easy to play. It's perfect for your next party with kids or adults! Easy Party Game Whether you need a fun party game for New Years Eve, classroom parties, birthday parties or an easy family game, this M&M game is sure to be a hit! Not only is this...Read On →

Debbie Morris