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Explore innovative moveable tiny house ideas to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Discover how these compact homes offer flexibility and freedom to live anywhere you desire.
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Ébène Tiny House Sleeps Five in 32ft Roomy and Comfortable Interior

What makes the Ébène Tiny House a favorite among tiny house lovers is that it offers so much space on the ground floor, which is unusual for compact dwellings. The mobile home can sleep five people with ease thanks to its sheer size and spacious interior, making it suitable for full-time living.

Cindy Lopez
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40×10 Movable Roots Tiny House For Family Farm

Wait until you see all the glorious storage in this park model tiny house built for Theresa by Movable Roots! The 40x10 home even has a mudroom, which was important since Theresa is placing her

Baluchon’s Compact Tiny Home has Suspended Netting for an Additional Bed Tiny House On Wheels Exterior Ideas, Incredibox Tiny House, Tiny House Trailer Design, 20 Ft Tiny House On Wheels, 20ft Tiny House On Wheels, Tiny House Camping, Small Tiny House On Wheels, Tiny House Exterior On Wheels, Tiny Home Trailer Floorplan

Baluchon’s Compact Tiny Home has Suspended Netting for an Additional Bed

Ræv tiny house on wheels by Baluchon features a suspended net that can be used for relaxation during the day and an additional bed by night.

Lisa Swanson
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Limited 24-ft. Kootenay Designer Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny

Most tiny homes we show here have been specifically designed to a client's wants and needs, but this one-of-a-kind 24-foot Kootenay was designed by the Tru Form Tiny CEO, precisely to her tastes! The result

Julie Wellington
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Rasa: Simplify Further Tiny House on Wheels

Meet the Rasa model, from Simply Further. This gorgeous layout was designed specifically to allow up to six people to sleep comfortably between the two queen-sized lofts and the spacious living room where you could

Amanda Jerez