Multisensory reading activities

Make reading fun and interactive with these engaging multisensory activities. Explore top ideas to enhance reading skills and create a love for books in learners of all ages.
Here are a few tracing and tactile tools, that are inexpensive and easy for you to make and take to your Orton-Gillingham lessons. #ortongillingham #phonics #reading #spelling #activity #tactiletool #multisensory #slp #tutor #teacher #homeschool via @pridereading Orrin Gillingham Lesson Plans, Orton Gillingham Multisensory Activities, Orton Gillingham Sensory Activities, Recipe For Reading Orton Gillingham, Multi Sensory Reading Activities, Blending Board Orton Gillingham, Multisensory Reading Activities, Multisensory Phonics Activities, Orton Gillingham Activities Free

DIY Tactile Tools for the Orton-Gillingham Lesson

Here are a few tracing and tactile tools, that are inexpensive and easy for you to make and take to your Orton-Gillingham lessons. #ortongillingham #phonics #reading #spelling #activity #tactiletool #multisensory #slp #tutor #teacher #homeschool via @pridereading

PRIDE Reading Program/Structured Literacy
Get more out of your literacy block and provide phonics practice activities that are hands-on and engaging. This helpful post walks you through seven different phonics activities for kindergarten and first grade. Students can do them in literacy centers, reading small groups, or as independent practice. If you teach kindergarten, first, or second grade, you'll want to check out this post and try one of the phonics activities today! Low Reading Group Activities, Phonics Group Activities, Literacy Night Activities Make And Take First Grade, Literacy Activities For 1st Grade, Hands On Language Arts Activities Kindergarten, First Grade Literacy Games, Phonics First Grade Activities, 95% Group Phonics Activities, Hands On Centers First Grade

No More Phonics Worksheets: Try These 7 Activities Instead

Ditch the phonics worksheets and try these hands-on phonics activities to incorporate the science of reading into your literacy instruction.

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6 Multisensory Tools For Orton-Gillingham Lessons

I use a lot of tracing in my Orton-Gillingham lesson plans. When I introduce a new phonogram, students will trace the letters while saying the sound. When I introduce a new prefix or suffix, students

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Teaching Kids to Read Through Play - How Wee Learn

As a teacher, one of the things I get asked the MOST about is teaching kids to read. For some children, it comes so quickly and naturally. And for others... it doesn't. So this post is for the mama of one of those "others" (and I say that in a kidding and kind way, of

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The Best Reading Manipulatives For Every Classroom

The Best Reading Manipulatives For Every Classroom - 15 of the best reading manipulatives for your classroom. These manipulatives for reading help reinforce literacy skills and make learning fun.

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