Mushroom pictures

Explore a collection of stunning mushroom pictures that will awaken your creativity and inspire your next project. Discover the beauty and diversity of mushrooms in these captivating images.
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Dive deep into the fascinating world of Amanita muscaria, the real-life 'Super Mushroom' from the Mario Brothers universe. Explore its unique features, historical significance, and ecological role. Learn about its chemical composition, cultural uses, and the need for conservation. This comprehensive

Mariazuly Torres
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I browse a lot of art and sculpture on Instagram, and a few weeks ago I stumbled across the most stunning picture: Glowing purple mushrooms in a sweet open-air lantern? WANT. This loveliness is the creation of a Ukrainian artist named Katya Sneg, and the second I clicked over to explore her account TheSnowMade, I fell down a rabbit hole of pure magic. That particular lamp gets even sweeter the closer you get: But there's more, gang. SO MUCH MORE. Look at the painstaking detail! Obviously I…

Roger Lambert