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Discover fun and educational activities for Muslim kids that promote learning and engagement. Explore ideas to keep your children entertained while instilling important values and teachings.
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Due to the current pandemic, many play centres and playgrounds have shut, play dates are a no-no, schools and madressas are closed in certain countries, and even going to a relatives house is off the list. So keeping the kids entertained at home is perhaps close to impossible whilst you get work or household chores […]

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5 Pillars of Islam Craft Contest 2022 AYEINA hosted a ‘5 Pillars of Islam Craft Contest‘ with the purpose of connecting kids (and even adults) back to the basics of Islam. Also, as a launch of our Islamic Fabric Quiet Book: 5 Pillars of Islam – which is an interactive learning tool with velcro, zip, […]

sha fiqqqah
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