Mystery riddles

Put your problem-solving skills to the test with these mind-boggling mystery riddles. Discover intriguing puzzles that will keep you guessing and sharpen your thinking abilities.
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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a detective? Do you like to train your brain and solve hard riddles? Then this one is for you! Only smart people with a high IQ can solve these mystery detective riddles QuizzClub team has found for you. There are some crimes to be solved!

Sakshi Raj
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"Riddle me this, riddle me that, what eats bamboo and looks like a cat?" A bamboo-eating cat of course! If you didn't get that one, then you're seriously going to struggle with these hard riddles. Riddles are not only for Sphynxes, guarding the Pyramids but also for humans, who love brain teasers. Also, they are a great way to silence your kids for a couple of hours, if you have them.

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Solve the Murder Mystery: Who Killed the Woman? | Mystery Stories For Kids, Detective Riddles, Mystery Riddles, Halloween Quotes Funny, Mystery Film, Cheesy Jokes, Icebreaker Activities, Riddles With Answers, Mystery Games

Wear your detective hats and read all the hints given in the riddle and solve the murder mystery. A woman died on a Sunday afternoon. The suspects were her husband, the maid, the driver & her daughter. The husband said who said he was out for lunch. The maid said she was cleaning the house. ... Read more

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