Native american wisdom

Explore the profound wisdom and teachings of Native American culture. Find inspiration and guidance from the timeless words of Native American elders and leaders.
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TALE OF TWO WOLVES Bring the wisdom of Native American culture to your home with this stunning Native American spiritual wisdom print decor. "Tale of Two Wolves" is a beautiful piece that tells the story of two wolves fighting inside of each person, one good and one bad. This Native American wisdom is perfect for adding a touch of Native wisdom to any room, this beautiful piece is printed on high-quality art paper for a look that will truly stand out. More Native American prints…

Amy Perl
5 Native American Prayers for Peace – Healing Brave Inner Peace, Wicca, People, Wisdom, Prayers, Perspective, Native American Wisdom, Prayer For Peace, Native American Prayers

With everything that's happened this year, we could use some prayers for peace. We could do with some fresh air and some ancient wisdom: a little perspective. With respect for the people who came before us, whose words and ways continue to shine light on the mountains and valleys of life, these Native American prayers.

Clare McEwen