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The Generation of Miracles (キセキの世代 Kiseki no Sedai) is a group of five exceptionally talented players that played together on the Teikō Junior High basketball team. They won the junior high school Nationals for three consecutive years before graduating and scattering across different high schools with the intentions of rivaling each other.[1] While the Generation of Miracles is widely accepted as a group of five, there exists an additional phantom sixth man acknowledged by each of the…


Kuroko no Basket! Kuroko Tetsuya x OC In middle school, she thought everything will be perfect with Kuroko as her boyfriend. But things changed when they were in third year. Miracles abandoned teamwork, Kuroko was frustrated, she was depressed. Before they reached high school, he broke up with her and it kills the life out of her. She entered high school, trying to move on, but destiny has its way, and she reunites with the boy who left her and broke her heart. The heart wants what it wants…

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