Oil painting supplies

Explore a wide range of high-quality oil painting supplies to unleash your creativity. Get everything you need to create beautiful paintings and elevate your artistic skills.
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Oil painting is an information-heavy enough subject, but trying to learn about all of the different medium types and their usage and drying times can feel hopeless. It's hard to know which ones to try, and how they react with eachother; and worse still, how fast each dries so you can use the fat ove

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Oil paint cleaning basics: With the right cleaning techniques and tools, you can make your paint brushes last longer and safely dispose of waste. Includes: supply list breakdown, steps to clean a paint brush, and steps to clean a paint palette.

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What you need to start oil painting today Oil Paint Oil paint comes first because you certainly can’t do oil painting without oil paint! There are two basic different varieties – artist grade and student grade. If you are experimenting with oil painting and not sure if you will continue or not then I would … 9 Must have items for beginning oil painters Read More »

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Learn about all the basic artists supplies that are essential for painting with acrylics. This page explains the necessary art supplies for getting started with acrylics, with links to even more info!