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Imago Mundi Babylonian map, the oldest known world map, 6th century BC Babylonia. Ancient Aliens, Early World Maps, Cradle Of Civilization, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Maps, Map Of The World, Ancient Mysteries, Old Maps, Antique Maps

Much of modern science was known in ancient times. Robots and computers were a reality long before the 1940´s. The early Bronze Age inhabitants of the Levant used computers in stone, the Greeks in the 2nd century BC invented an analogue computer known as the Antikythera mechanism. An ancient Hindu book gives detailed instructions for the construction of an aircraft –ages before the Wright brothers. Where did such knowledge come from?

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Ancient Chinese "cash" coin Americans, when asked about coins with holes in them, probably picture the old Chinese "cash" coins which are featured so prominently in Chinese-style decor. These coins had a square-shaped hole in the center, with Chinese characters around it. The United States has never had a coin with a hole in it, so it's not something we're used to seeing. Plenty of other countries, however, have had one or more of this type of coin (known as "holed coins" or "holey coins")…

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Removing Corrosion on Old Coins / Small Metal Objects: Last year in my town, there was a small construction site, and they ended up dumping loads of extra excavated dirt down a hill. My brother and I decided to explore and see if there were any Native American arrowheads that may have been dug up in the…

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A scallop-edged coin from the Bahamas Despite what we are used to here in the United States, coins do not have to be round to be minted and spent. I've previously discussed square coins, but an even more common shape is the scalloped coin, which has a wavy edge that goes all the way around the coin. The name comes from the distinctive wavy shell of the scallop, a sea mollusk similar to a clam. This coin shape may also be referred to as wavy-edged, flower shaped, or sun shaped. Coins with 8…

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