Old fashioned typewriter

Discover the beauty of old fashioned typewriters and bring a touch of nostalgia to your writing. Explore top ideas to incorporate this vintage piece into your decor and embrace the classic charm.
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Swoosh, ding, clickety-clack! Doesn't everyone love the sound of a vintage typewriter? Well, maybe not, but I certainly do. I've been collecting old typewriters for many, many years now. When I was growing up in a farmhouse in Ohio, my father, a newspaper journalist and writer, had an old black typewriter that I learned to

Kerrie Bellisario
oh, to still have at least ONE of my journalist Dad's vintage #typewriters but my Mum decided them redundant and gave them all away without me knowing! #aqua Vintage Cameras, Vintage Décor, Upcycling, Vintage, Retro, Gadgets, Retro Vintage, Vintage Typewriters, Vintage Finds

I love my Smith Corona typewriter. It's pretty much one of the best vintage things in my house and I didn't even find it myself (thanks, Jim). I found this little clipboard last week and then picked up a few paint chips at ACE Hardware and laid them both down on this entry table to clean something and realized they were the same size. So, I slipped the paint chips in to the clipboard and found one of my favorite polaroids of my boys and voila. I picked up the black 'R' at Hobby Lobby and…

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