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Volume 3 is the third volume of the Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint webnovel. TBD Episode 54 – Demon King Slayer Episode 55 – Happy Memories Episode 56 – Reader and Writer Episode 57 – Glorious Return Episode 58 – Context of the Constellations Episode 59 – Kim Dokja's Company Episode 60 – Taste of Ruin Episode 61 – Gigantomachia Episode 62 – God's Enemy Episode 63 – End of the Myth Episode 64 – A Road That Isn't a Road Episode 65 – Good and Evil Episode 66 – Beyond Good and Evil Episode 67 –…

kim dokja is so SO handsome : OmniscientReader

edit: i added a link to the artist's twitter profile edit 2: i just realised that the 14th pic was yjh, but i’ll still leave it here edit 3:...