Orchid seeds

Learn how to successfully grow orchid seeds with these helpful tips and tricks. Discover the best techniques for germination, caring for seedlings, and creating the ideal environment for healthy orchid growth.
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Most plant seeds (except orchids) are relatively large and contain a large store of nutrition to sustain the young plant before leaves and roots develop enough to continue sustaining the growing plant. With this type of seed, you just pop the seed in soil, water, and watch the seedling grow. Most garden plant seeds are…

Brîncoveanu Natalia
What beautiful delicate orchids. They remind me of birds flying. Posted on Orchidflowers Wild Orchids 1

The wild Orchids are beautiful flowers that everybody should have in his/her garden or in the backyard. They grow in different style and have a unique look. The good thing about wild Orchids is tha…

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