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Organic chemistry tutor

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The typical must-know reactions of alkynes that you wanna know for your next organic chemistry test or MCAT #organicchemistry #ochem #notes #handwrittennotes

The typical must-know reactions of alkynes that you wanna know for your next organic chemistry test or MCAT #organicchemistry #ochem #notes #handwrittennotes

Organic Chemistry Tutor — Online Organic Chemistry Tutor

Here's a list of must-know reactions of carboxylic acids that you wanna know if you want to ace your organic chemistry test!

tetrahedral domain of shapes in organic molecules in VSEPR theory

Organic Chemistry VSEPR Theory and Hybridization VSEPR Theory VSEPR stands for Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory. We use VSEPR to predict the 3D shapes of the molecules made by the 2nd period elements. The main focus in this topic is going to be on the carbon (C), nitrogen (O), and oxygen (O). Those three elements make the “core” of the organic molecules, so you’re going to be working with those most of the time. How Do We Apply the VSEPR Theory? The premise of the VSEPR is the…


Alkynes are very similar to alkenes in their reactivity. They do, however, show additional reactivity which is a must-know for any final in organic chemistry, What’s Included: Catalytic Hydrogenation of Alkynes Nucleophilic Reactions of Acetylenic Anions Reduction of Alkynes with Sodium and Liquid Ammonia Hydration of Alkynes Hydroboration-Oxidation of Alkynes Ozonolysis of Alkynes Halogenation of Alkynes Hydrohalogenation and Alkoxyhalogenation of Alkynes Hydrohalogenation of Alkynes…

Examples of the ketoses and their manes

Organic Chemistry Carbohydrates Nomenclature of Carbohydrates (the Fundamentals) While carbohydrates are not really any different from other organic molecules, they do have their own nomenclature of carbohydrates. Majorly, this is the result of the historic names given to many sugars. And as history would have it, those names kinda stuck and became the “norm” that you now need to know for your exams. As all carbohydrates have the same general molecular formula, Cn(H2O)m, we are going to…

Rules of Aromaticity

Save a ton with this bundle offer and get all the organic chemistry notes, summaries, and cheat sheets we have in store! That's more than 300 pages of meticulously hand crafted, designed and color-coded notes! This is one of the most comprehensive collection of organic chemistry notes available on the Internet and it is constantly growing! So, stop wasting time focusing on frantic note taking and start learning! This collection currently includes: Bonding and resonance (from VSEPR theory, to…

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Ethers, Epoxides, Sulfides — Organic Chemistry Tutor

Notes on the synthesis and reactions of ethers, epoxides, and sulfides. What's Included: Williamson ether synthesis Ether cleavage Epoxidation reactions Epoxide opening Reactions of thiols and sulfides & their oxidation Total 16 pages of detailed notes on everything you wanna know on this topic! This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, no physical product will be shipped. Downloadable materials are non-refundable. You cannot un-download something that has been downloaded