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The First Doctor Who regeneration

The Doctor wasn't always a face-changing alien from the planet Gallifrey. But in 1966, the character 'changed his appearance' for the first time and handed the TARDIS keys to his successor Patrick Troughton. So how did the first ever Doctor Who regeneration come to be?

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All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small (1972) James Herriot My Rating: 5 Stars (Note: all pictures, except for the first are from the t.v. series based on James Herriot's books. Enjoy!) "We did two more visits, one to a calf with a cut leg which I stitched, dressed and bandaged, then to a cow with the blocked teat. Mr. Sharpe was waiting, still looking eager. He led us into the byre and Farnon gestured towards the cow. “See what you can make of it.” I squatted down and palpated the teat, feeling the…