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Discover a collection of beautiful and unique original watercolors for sale. Add a touch of artistry to your space with these stunning pieces that capture the beauty of nature and emotions.
How to Loosen Up Your Watercolour Painting (7 tips)

Are you wondering how to loosen up your watercolour painting?You are definitely in the right place because painting in a loose expressive style is my favourite thing to do. I have 7 practical tips and ideas to share with you.You'll be joyfully splashing the watercolour paint about while confidently creating your own loose interpretation of your favourite painting subjects in no time!

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Have you heard people talk of painting in a ‘ loose ’ style and wondered what that actually means? Like a lot of things in art, it is rather subjective so perhaps the better question is to ask what loose watercolour painting means to you. I want to paint with ease - with a glad heart and a confid

Susan Burkett