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Keep your furry friend safe and stylish with our selection of outdoor dog gates. Find the perfect gate to ensure your dog's security while adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.
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Starting a new project can be helpful. When I decided to make my own DIY dog gate, I didn't know much about tools or building things. My dog, Benny, always tried to sneak into the kitchen, especially when I was cooking. It was fun but risky because he could get hurt. So, I looked up some DIY dog gate ideas and plans that seemed easy enough for me to try. I found lots of ideas. Some were made from wood, while others used PVC pipes or even old baby gates. I measured the door to my kitchen and…

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Built to withstand Elements in every climate - year round Rust proof and weather resistant - durability at its finest Designed to give your pets their own space and keep them safe while outdoors Pressure mounted gate is perfect for top and bottom of decks No need to ever remove this gate - the walk through door lets others have easy entry and access while your pet stays put

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All the hardware to build a sliding gate. Perfect for tight spaces. The mechanism can be hidden by a shelf. Facilitates opening in winter. Can be locked with a padlock. Made of powder-coated steel that offers excellent rust-resistance. Wood and balusters not included. BEFORE INSTALLING THIS PRODUCT: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU OBSERVE ALL BUILDING CODES […]

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