Pacman tattoo

Express your love for gaming with a unique Pacman tattoo. Explore a variety of creative designs that capture the nostalgia and excitement of this classic game. Take your style to the next level with a Pacman tattoo that showcases your passion.
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Times have changed and we wear the word "Nerd" like a badge of Honor. Tattoos have been a tried and true tradition across cultures. Combine the two and you get some amazing tattoos that show their owners love everything geeky, nerdy, pop-culture related, or just plain awesome. Tattoos are a ubiquitous means of self-expression and it should come as no surprise that the nerd culture wishes to express themselves as well.

Briana Senteno
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Some people couldn't care less about their birthmarks or their placings, but for some, it is a real self-esteem problem. However, with their unique tattoo designs, these artists helped people cover their unattractive markings and to regain some much-needed confidence, showing that imperfections - embellished with cover up tattoos or not - are what make us beautiful.

Julie Ballard