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Elevate your room's style with stunning accent wall paint. Explore top ideas to add a pop of color and personality to your space. Get inspired and start painting today!
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Hi, Wild Rose Country Homies! I'm super excited to share this DIY sponge accent wall with you that my husband and I completed in our master bathroom in collaboration with Home Hardware. What in the world is a sponge wall, you might ask? Great question. Back in the 90's sponge walls were all the rage. You used a round sea sponge and three or four different shades of color to create a muddled look on your walls....come on, fess up....who did it? It's ok, there's no judgement here ;). Times…

Bradley Black
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As you guys know already, Melissa and I both have "builder-grade homes," meaning we chose as much as we could for them, but unfortunately we had little to no options for customization. They're good, but they need some love from us to be great! That's where our DIYing comes in- because who wants to pay a contractor to do something when you could learn to do it yourself!? Today I'll show you literally (Chris Traeger, anyone?) the quickest, easiest DIY I've done: a hand painted accent wall. Qui

Heather Flanagan