Painting galvanized metal

Transform your galvanized metal items with these creative painting ideas. Learn how to add color and style to your metal projects with these easy-to-follow tips and techniques.
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Galvanized metal is metal that has been coated with zinc. This coating protects metal from the damaging effects of weather and rust. However, zinc's protective qualities can make it difficult to paint galvanized metal surfaces because it does not allow for proper paint adhesion. This results in paint peeling.

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Paint Your Own Metal Buckets - must add this to my to-do list.  Great for gifts or parties! Paris, Vintage, Diy, Upcycling, Decoupage, Parties, Painted Galvanized Buckets, Aluminum Can Crafts, Galvanized Buckets

There are so many uses for buckets, and we've been over many of those uses in past blogs. But sometimes you want to add a bit of color to your bucket that you are using, what better way to do than to paint your galvanized bucket? Keep in mind that some of the instructions can be altered for your specific bucket painting needs. Using a degreaser wash your bucket well. Since you are using a galavanized bucket steel wool is good fore cleaning this ultra-durable surface. Rinse your bucket off…

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