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"Evening By The Pond" Giclee edition print - printed especially for you! The second photo from the top shows the print in the matte. The signature and title will be added per order, so that's not shown in the photo. I have also included a photo of what this might look like framed and hung in a room setting! image size: 11" x 14” matte size / frame size 16” x 20” A stock size frame should be easy to find, and you can just pop this print right in! Each print is signed and titled on the matte…

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One the the very best things I did for my painting was to discover, and USE, mediums! If you’ve taken any of my courses/tutorials, you know I use these frequenetly to build textures as well as create transparencies with acrylic paints. Acrylics are great. However, they can be pasty, thick, pla

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About this item Super Flash High Quality Diamonds-The round drills to look shiny and will be never fade.It is shining in the light make these diamond paintings an absolute must have for every buyer which is looking for decorations. HD Canvas with Nice Material-High clear printing oil canvas has even texture, the pattern itself has a sticky background and the protective film will keep the picture sticky so you can easily finish it. User Experience- You will not only buy an attractive HD…