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Discover creative park project ideas to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant community hub. Get inspired to create a welcoming environment for all ages and interests.
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Petit Bois Park Upgrade in the Bellefontaine Neighbourhood

The park is a key structuring feature of the Bellefontaine neighbourhood. It links the neighbourhood to the Mirail and Reynerie areas through a network of public spaces. The Bellefontaine neighbourhood has been under redevelopment for several years. The woods, which were once surrounded by tall buildings, are now open to neighbouring areas. As a real […]

Jessica Pernal
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WaterCell Park

WaterCell Park comes as a regenerative intervention over one of Istanbul's most iconic neighbourhoods, the site being opened towards the sea, with a wide panoramic view towards two continents. The new proposal would offer an improved usage of space, with many benefits for the whole city through its water recycling features, and varied spaces to be explored.

Nermeen Saied
The Nest-Oaois | Architecture Project Nature, Site Plans Architecture Presentation, Landscape Project Presentation, Eco Park Design, Site Plan Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture Board, Landscape Architecture Poster, Site Development Plan Architecture, Landscape Architecture Presentation

The Nest-Oaois

Our project proposal offers us the experience of creating therapeutic spaces that, following the principles of biophilia, reintegrate with nature through the five senses, supporting the process of healing, repair, renewal and reintegration for the user.

Aishwarya S