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Discover mouthwatering patties recipes that are easy to make at home. Try these flavorful ideas and impress your friends and family with your culinary skills.
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Ragda Patties is a popular Indian Street Food made with Potato Patties & a light gravy of white peas or Safed matar. Ragda Pattice is served as a chaat & garnished with two spicy, tangy chutneys like Tamarind chutney & Mint coriander chutney, lots of onion, tomato, sev, coriander leaves & green chilies.

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Veggie Burger Patties

Why buy veggie burgers, with great lists of unknown ingredients, when making your own is so simple? That’s what I think anyway, since I tapped into this particular recipe. For me, an easy veggie burger has to provide a challenge to its meaty alternative, but I don’t want it to mimic beef, I want it to be different. This meatless burger will convert a few meat eaters at your barbecue - not because it ‘tastes like meat’ but because it’s a really tasty alternative, full of flavour. This is not…

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How To Make Jamaican Beef Patties

A homemade Jamaican Beef Patty recipe that'll make you holla! These patties are loaded with a flavorful, well-seasoned beef filling and enveloped by a tender, flaky, and buttery pastry shell. Juicy and moist filling with that quintessential yellow exterior! The perfect Jamaican fast food to enjoy; with recipe how-to video included!

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