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We are all individuals - our experiences and personality affect who we are and how we see the world. We all learn in different ways and grasp concepts at different rates. Some of us need to fully understand how a piece of technology works before implementing / using it, while others can just run with a basic understanding. Knowing this, why do we sometimes assume each of us work and learn in the same way as ourselves? Here are a few techniques on getting the best out of your team by…

Rosanne Marmor
Enneagram Type 8 Male, Enneagram Type 8 Female, Enneagram 8w9, 2 Enneagram, Enneagram Type 8, 4 Enneagram, Personalidad Enfp, Enneagram 8, Enneagram 5

The Challenger Go-getter Enneagram Type 8 Before we jump into your perfect day, I want to suggest you snag this full enneagram digital guide, it will walk you through all the different types. CLICK HERE Your perfect day would consist of waking up to a full plate, a busy schedule, and a jam-packed “to-do” list. […]