Phone interview questions

Find a list of effective phone interview questions to ask candidates during the hiring process. Learn how to assess candidates and make informed decisions for your company's success.
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Congrats! You have an interview lined up or are looking to apply to a new job. That’s great news. Now it’s time to figure out what to ask at the end of your interview to show your interest in the company and to stand out from the crowd.

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Picture it…you’ve been applying for jobs and networking your butt off for months to no avail. All of a sudden — PING — an email pops up from the recruiter at one of your target companies asking to schedule a phone interview. Your stomach does a little somersault and you reply with your availability. Holy wow…tomorrow at […]

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≫ This Phone Interview Questions Template is on point. Not only does it contain prescreen interview questions, but it also contains an interviewer script. This template is easy and straightforward and loved by many HR personnel to get the job done. A must have human resources template/form. Find that perfect candidate today! Areas included on the form are as follows: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ ≫ An explanation of the phone interview process ≫Work history ≫Resume Specific Questions/Breaks in Work History…

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