Picasso cubism

Discover the fascinating world of Picasso's cubism art and dive into the vibrant colors, unique perspectives, and abstract forms. Explore top examples and get inspired to embrace the revolutionary style in your own artistic journey.
https://flic.kr/p/24ukXsE | Pablo Picasso - The Sailor [1943] | [Christie’s, New York - Oil on canvas, 129.3 x 80.8 cm] Picasso Self Portrait, Picasso Artwork, Picasso Cubism, Picasso Portraits, Art Picasso, Pablo Picasso Art, Dora Maar, Pablo Picasso Paintings, Cubism Art

Pablo Picasso - The Sailor [1943]

A master of self-projection and self-transformation, here Picasso has cast himself in a number of symbolic guises: as the figure of a sailor, a member of the Resistance, and, perhaps most simply yet powerfully of all, as a man and artist living under wartime oppression. With a deep sense of melancholy and angst combined with a sense of stoic, resilient resolve, this rare portrait is one of only a few male figures that Picasso painted during the war years. While Picasso most frequently…

Sarah Dunn