Piercing aftercare

Learn how to take care of your new piercing with our complete guide. Discover essential tips, dos and don'ts for a safe and quick healing process. Start your piercing journey on the right foot.
The Ultimate Piercing Healing and Aftercare Guide – Pierced Cartilage Piercing Care, Piercing Healing, New Ear Piercing, Piercing Care, New Piercing, Saline Solution, Benzalkonium Chloride, Skin Cleanser, Fresh Tattoo

The Ultimate Piercing Healing and Aftercare Guide

You did it. You have a new piercing! What happens next? A solid piercing aftercare routine is important for a healthy and happy piercing. This piercing healing and aftercare guide will explain how to best care for your fresh piercing! Your body is complex and it’s our job to guide you through your piercing journey in the safest, most comfortable way possible. What to expect: First, let’s get the myths out of the way. It is normal and most people will experience some - and sometimes all - of…

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