Pine pitch

Explore the versatile uses of pine pitch, from DIY projects to natural remedies. Learn how to make the most of this sticky substance in a variety of creative ways.
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Glue can be used to repair tents, tarps, and to form tools (e.g. fletching on an arrow). It can be used as a sealant for containers (or canoes) or to waterproof coverings. And of course, if you cannot scavenge glue, you must make it yourself. Pine pitch glue can be easily made producing a adhesive material that is strong, flexible, and fast setting.

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'I try to collect pine resin deposits that happen naturally, usually caused by a fracture in a limb by a storm, lightning, or animals scratching on the bark. I also gather resin that oozes naturally out of the broken knots in the pine tree. The runny clear resin, the dried up clumps of amber or the flakey white drips, dried from seasons past, are all good resin for making pine pitch. Usually I collect my resin in some sort of metal container, such as a soup can or a little larger can with…

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