Pineapple sage

Discover creative ways to incorporate pineapple sage in your garden. Enhance your landscape with the vibrant colors and delightful fragrance of this versatile herb.
How to Grow a Tulsi Plant

Prized for its fragrant foliage and dainty violet, pink or white flowers, tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum, syn. O. sanctum) is widely grown as both a culinary herb and ornamental plant. Perennial in U.S.

Daphne Cook
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Pineapple sage grows quickly and soon was the dominant plant growing straight up the middle of my herb pot....what to do with all of this sage?! Summer in Boston, and a house without central AC does not exactly lend itself well to something like a roast chicken with pineapple I soon found Rita's recipe for Pineapple Sage Iced Tea! Perfect! I made a single batch of this tea, and it was gone within the afternoon! I doubled the recipe and it came out great. I'm posting the single…

Stacy Niessing