Plumbing humor

Get ready to laugh with our collection of plumbing humor. Whether you're a plumber or a DIY enthusiast, these jokes and memes will brighten up your day and make you appreciate the world of pipes and wrenches.
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Working as a plumber, one must, without a doubt, employ a healthy sense of humor. However else are they capable of dealing with spillage, sewage, waste, small spaces, and uncomfortable body positions while trying to fix a leak or unclog something that’s vitally important for your everyday life?

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As a landlord, I would love to keep tenants in my properties forever. While some stay a long time, most eventually leave to seek housing elsewhere. This is either by personal choice or through an eviction. Whenever that time comes, it’s the landlord's responsibility to conduct some home maintenance and get the unit ready for the new tenant. Turning a rental house around for the new tenants can be a time consuming and financially draining time. Hopefully, as a conscientious and aware…