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Discover the most sought-after Pokemon TCG cards to add to your collection or enhance your gameplay. Explore the world of Pokemon with these powerful and rare cards.
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Rayquaza VMAX · 320 HP · {N} Pokémon (Rayquaza) › VMAX : Evolves from Rayquaza V · is: V, Rapid Strike, Dynamax Ability ⇢ Azure Pulse Once during your turn, you may discard your hand and draw 3 cards. {R}{L} → Max Burst : 20+ […]

Angela Lovern Webb
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Koraidon · 130 HP · {F} Pokémon (Koraidon) › Basic {C}{C}{C} → Claw Slash : 70 {F}{F}{F}{C} → Rampaging Fang : 190 Discard 3 Energy from this Pokémon. weak: {P}×2 | resist: n/a | retreat: 2 illus. Mina Nakai Scarlet & Violet, Promos › Scarlet […]