Polished marble backsplash

Enhance the beauty of your kitchen with an elegant polished marble backsplash. Find inspiration and create a luxurious and timeless look for your cooking space.
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Are you renovating your home and looking for a natural stone? You might be torn between dolomite vs marble, two natural stones that look alike. Or you may have mistaken dolomite for marble at your local stone yard. That’s OK, it happens! Click to read all about their differences so you can decide which stone is best for your kitchen.

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Liven up any room with this Bianco Orion Marble Tile. This 4 x 12 decorative tile comes in white and has a polished or high gloss finish. With stunning veining that comes from the natural wonders of this earth, marble can make a gorgeous fashion statement throughout your home. This rectangular-shaped marble creates an artful break in patterns. Go with the Bianco Orion Marble Tile to create a timeless look for your home. With unique veining that comes from the natural wonders of this earth…


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