Pour over coffee

Brew the perfect cup of pour over coffee with these delicious recipes and expert tips. Discover the best techniques and equipment to enhance your coffee brewing experience.
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I met a man last winter in a coffee shop. He wore glasses, smiled incessantly, and made me feel edgy. It turned out the shop was his. Then it turned out we married five months later. And that’s how I married coffee. Until I met my husband, Matt, I thought (like so many of us misguided […]

Kathleen Mahoney
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My husband and I really love our coffee. Do you? Maybe you too have a French press, an Aeropress, a Chemex, and a good burr grinder. (Oh, coffee toys; what a dangerous habit!) But there’s one sort of coffee we don’t make right now, and that’s pour over, a simple yet craftsmanlike method of slowly and meditatively soaking coffee grounds set in a filter over a cup or pitcher. It’s one of the simplest ways to brew, but ironically it also offers some of the fanciest toys.

Carly Friesen