Prayer for wife

Show your love and support for your wife through heartfelt prayers. Discover powerful prayers that will uplift and protect your wife, bringing blessings and peace into her life.
Here's a prayer for your husband. It's a short prayer that asks for God's help as he deals with work, the stresses of life, and his position as your husband. You can print this prayer and use it as a bookmark. #marriage #christianmarriage #prayers #spiritualwarfare #husband #proverbs31 #wife #christian Christ, Lord, Godly Wife, Motivation, Godly Marriage, Prayer For Husband, Prayer For My Marriage, Prayer For Family, Praying For Your Husband

Here are 3 prayers for your marriage - One prayer is for you, the other for your husband, and the last covers both of you. Download each of these prayers for free and add your own marriage scriptures to them. As you make pray over marriage, I believe God will show up in the midst of it.

Ninni Manitshana