Pregnancy after 40

Discover expert tips and advice for a healthy and successful pregnancy after 40. Take control of your fertility journey and embrace the possibilities of motherhood.
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Ready for a quick snapshot of my journey to motherhood? I tried to freeze my eggs when I was 30 years old after getting divorced, but my doctor told me it wasn’t a fit. Fast forward to 36, and I was finally able to go through the egg retrieval process and froze 11 eggs. My mindset was, “I have a 401k to ensure my financial future, so why not freeze my eggs to ensure the future of my family?” When I turned 39, I had a fibroid surgery that would help me get pregnant naturally and what do you…

Natasha Thomas
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Women are born with ovaries full of all the eggs they'll ever have, unlike men who produce sperm non-stop for most of their lives. It's been the popular belief up until recently that women's eggs age as they do, and somewhere between the 35 and 45 they lose much of their viability. But, muc

Tahira Saddiq