Pregnant halloween costumes

Celebrate Halloween with style and show off your baby bump with these creative and cute pregnant Halloween costumes. Get inspired and find the perfect costume for you and your little one.

Halloween is for everyone. And who says you can’t enjoy the spookiest holiday of the year to the fullest if you’re pregnant? It’s definitely not stopping anyone from having some well-deserved fun. In fact, we’d argue that pregnant women have a very large advantage when it comes to their Halloween costumes: their bumps give them an edge when it comes to creativity and unique outfits.

Tanya Botha
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I'm fat and I'm pregnant and I have no shame. via Saw this pilot at the airport on Halloween. via My mail order bride costume. via The 80s - When being drunk in the bathroom was a real challenge. via This costume. via My American Psycho costume. via Good call, Body Paint Company. via Nice

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