Pure beeswax candles

Enhance the ambiance of your space with pure beeswax candles. Discover top ideas to bring a warm and cozy feeling to any room in your home.
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This listing is for 5x 1lb blocks of the finest quality pure beeswax. That's 5lbs of wax. See our other listings for individual 1lb blocks. Each block can weigh up to half an ounce over 1lb. We strive to ship all orders within one day. For orders larger that 5lbs, visit our website www.gardnerbees.buzz. Our beeswax is as natural and pure as you will find. There can be a little variation in color but is always a bright, fresh, yellow to orange. It has been very lightly filtered to ensure that…

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This is a very unique 100% pure beeswax candle in the shape of a 5 pointed star. It is 6” wide (from tip to tip) and 3” tall. It has 3 wicks and it will make a fantastic centerpiece, coffee table candle or a great gift! It is unscented other than the natural honey smell from the beeswax. Organic Beeswax Candles are pure, natural, and environmentally friendly. The ambience you seek will be enhanced by the soft amber glow and naturally mild honey scent. The organic beeswax I use is from a…

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