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Transform your walls with creative puzzle decor ideas. Discover unique ways to display puzzles that add a touch of intrigue and personality to your space.
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About a year or so ago when we were still trying to decide on a housing development and floor plan in the metro Atlanta area, we came across a house and floor plan that we fell in love with. Unfortunately, the development the house was located in wasn’t exactly what we were looking for so we ended up moving on. I had forgotten all about an awesome room just off the master that the model had turned into a kid’s... Read More Read More

Connie Merrill
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I can't remember when I first visited the home of the Porter family in Sunnyvale, CA. I was probably 10 or 11. The wonderful family and good spirit that occupied the home are my fondest memories, but what made the physical place unique was the puzzle wall. One of the walls of the Porters' family room was covered with jigsaw puzzles that had been painstaikenly assembled, cut to size, then mounted. Ever since I rediscovered puzzle-making as a pastime recently, making a puzzle wall of my own…

Hannah Floyd
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DO you like to put puzzles together, but don't want to take them back apart? You want to glue them together but not sure what to use. Or what to do with them. by this at Walmart or any craft store. Take poster board or a big piece of card board I bought 2 sheets. I put my puzzle together on top of one. And you can use the 2nd sheet to cover the puzzle when you are not working on it. Then no one will mess up what you have done so far. And if you have cats, they can't get to the loose pieces…

Grâce Ira
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Do you enjoy making puzzles? It’s a great way to pass the time and some may find it calming or therapeutic. If you’re looking to refresh your wall decor, we’ve got the perfect idea for you to display your puzzles once they’re done! Here we used a 1000-piece puzzle, which took a few weeks to complete (if we’re going to be fully honest). So instead of breaking up all those hours spent putting it together and hiding it back in a box, we wanted to display it for everyone to enjoy! All you need…

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