Quick Coleslaw

Whip up a delicious coleslaw in no time with these quick and easy recipes. Discover new flavors and textures to add a refreshing twist to your meals.
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This is the Best Coleslaw for Pulled Pork, made with shredded carrots, white and red cabbage plus green onions all mixed with a creamy, tangy dressing. This is the perfect coleslaw to pile on a pulled pork sandwich or as a side dish at your backyard BBQs.

Mindy Chase
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This Coleslaw Recipe has a clean vinegar-based dressing and no mayo! It goes great with pulled pork sandwiches or as a classic side dish at potluck summer picnics and BBQ cookouts. A classic coleslaw recipe is usually loaded with mayonnaise and white sugar. However, this cabbage salad is clean, light, and tangy. This homemade slaw can safely remain at room temperature and balances nicely with any grilled main dish or savory BBQ. And has a crisp, cool, refreshing crunch.