Quilt ties knots

Learn how to create beautiful quilt ties with various knotting techniques. Discover step-by-step instructions and tips to make your quilt stand out with unique and intricate knot designs.
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Tying a quilt is an easy and quick way to finish a quilt. Tying a quilt means using thread or yarn to attach all three layers of a quilt together. This is a great option for beginner quilters as well as more advanced quilters! To add some extra interest, ties and quilting can be used...

Christine Palmer
Decatur knot instructions - alternate tying for quilts Couture, Patchwork, Quilt Tying, Tying Quilts, Knot Instructions, Quilters Knot, Quilt Stitches, Quilting Stitches, Clothes Upcycle

I heard about this type of knot for tying quilts from a friend, where there are no tassels coming out of the knots because you stitch between the layers of fabric. I found the instructions but they were very confusing. Embarrassingly, I had to have my Scoutmaster husband interpret them for me! I loved how they turned out though, so I decided to post pictorial instructions so others can enjoy the decatur knot also! Notes to start: * I used a long thick needle - I think it was for making…

Carla Davison