Railroad track pictures

Discover breathtaking railroad track pictures that showcase the mesmerizing beauty of these iconic transportation routes. Immerse yourself in the scenic views and be inspired to capture your own stunning photographs.
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The tracks separate the coastal highway from the bay. We ventured down the steep bank and crossed the tracks so that we could walk along the rocky beach 1/2 mile to a crowded tidal pool. On the return trip we just followed the tracks assuming they were long since decommissioned. After arriving back at the RV and driving through town we saw the Oregon Coast Crawler getting ready to depart. It would have been scary to confront a train.

john Nykiel

Since the first rail tracks connected Chicago to lead mines in northwest Illinois in 1848, the state has served as one of North America's vital railroad hubs. Nonprofit railway organizations across the state preserve the legacy by providing pleasure and educational train excursions through scenic Illinois landscapes.

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