Rainbow serpent

Uncover the ancient legends and fascinating mythology surrounding the Rainbow Serpent. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories and symbolism of this powerful creature.
The myth of the rainbow serpent traces its roots so far back that it is speculated that it may be the world’s oldest ongoing religious tradition. African Folklore, Light Beings, Harmony Day, African Mythology, Rainbow Snake, Rainbow Serpent, Bless The Child, Under The Ocean, Mystical Places

In Australia, there is a myth that has been told over many ages and still exists today. The myth is the story of the creation of the earth and an explanation of the origins of people. The aboriginal myth of the rainbow serpent is an ancient story and significant part of the historical culture of Australia. The story of the rainbow serpent has slight differences dependent on where it is told in Australia. However, the main aspects of the myth of the rainbow serpent remain unchanged. The myth…

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The Rainbow Serpent or Rainbow Snake is a common deity (also known as numerous other names in different Australian Aboriginal languages) often seen as a creator god and a common motif in the art and religion of Aboriginal Australia. Not all of the myths of the ancestral being link a rainbow with the snake, and not all describe the being as a snake, but there is usually a link with water or rain. Some scholars have suggested that the link between the two suggests the cycle of the seasons, for…

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Jean Baptiste Apuatimi, Tiwi Islands The exposure of Aboriginal art to the West had its inception at the aboriginal community of Papunya in the Western Desert of Central Australia. Just like the vivid wildflowers that fill the local ochre terrain in the middle of winter, their art was a rare juxtaposition adapted from the Australian landscape. Although the indigenous art was originally developed for body painting, bark & cave art and ceremonial ground paintings, once the Papunya artists were…