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Experience the charm and precision of rangefinder cameras. Find the perfect rangefinder camera for your photography needs and capture stunning images with style.
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Street photography—walking around with a camera, poised to capture life on the fly—has never been more popular than it is now. Back in the day, masters like Alfred Eisenstaedt and Henri Cartier-Bresson prowled the streets with classic film-based Leica rangefinders, but today most street shooters opt for modern digital cameras.

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This is coming from Dpreview on the new Zenit M digital rangefinder camera: “Zenit was responsible for the external design, and everything else is done at Wetzlar.” “The Zenit M will be available in a black or chrome finish, and will be shipping later this year or early 2019 for ‘between 4-5,000 Euros’ kitted with […]


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