Raw photography

Explore the world of raw photography and learn how to capture stunning, unedited images that showcase the true essence of your subjects. Discover tips and techniques to enhance your skills and create breathtaking photographs.
Conceptual Portraits by Photographer Oye Diran Fuse Raw Emotion and Whimsy | Colossal Portrait, Studio, Issa, Confident Woman, Photographer, Photography Inspo, Photoshoot, Photoshoot Concept, Performance Art

When working on location or in the studio, Oye Diran (previously) focuses on the natural grace and emotional impulses of his subjects. The Lagos-born New York-based photographer captures portraits that are refined and composed with natural elements, centering on singular figures set against calm, scenic backdrops or surrounded by flowers and fruits. Whether a personal project or commission for a magazine or fashion brand, his photos are minimal and tinged with whimsical details conveyed…

Tammy & Ana Wallace
This is straight out of the camera image. Photo by Dzvonko Petrovski Photo Editing, Digital Photography, Pop, Photo Editing Lightroom, Lightroom, Unedited Photos, Image Editing, Raw Photo, Long Exposure

Have you ever opened your RAW files tosee that they lack contrast and saturation? This happens due to the fact that the camera doesn't apply any settings to the photo. On the contrary, it just packs all the data that the sensor captured into one filefor you to deal with, later on. In fact, by shooting RAW, you collect a lot more digital information compared to JPG which is very useful when it comes time to edit in Photoshop or Lightroom for pulling out the details that exist in the file. So…

Jana Allingham