Reading rubric

Enhance your reading assessment with an effective rubric that evaluates student progress. Discover how to create a comprehensive rubric to guide and improve reading skills.
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Have you ever given your students the opportunity to record and listen to themselves read? As teachers, we frequently observe and conference with our students about their oral reading fluency. However, it can be much more meaningful for students to actually hear and evaluate themselves. Last year I started doing fluency self-evaluations as a center and was very pleased with the ownership my students began to take toward achieving their reading goals. My second graders used the free workflow…

Alyson Reynolds
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Use this rubric when assessing your students’ oral presentations. Adaptable to any oral presentation context! Pointers covered include: Time Management Content Preparedness Enthusiasm Speaking clearly Creativity. Students are assessed on a scale of 4 points to give you a clear idea of their ability level and simplify the reporting process. Want some help putting your […]

Giovanna Rubino