Rib meat

Discover mouthwatering recipes that showcase the deliciousness and tenderness of rib meat. Try these flavorful dishes and satisfy your cravings for succulent ribs.
What's the Difference Between Flanken and English Cut Short Ribs? — Meat Basics | The Kitchn Ribs, Roast Beef, English, Beef, Bacon, Rib Recipes, Rib Meat, Beef Cuts, Meat

Although short ribs used to be seen as a less desirable cut of beef, they’ve risen in popularity, causing prices to also increase for this cut that used to be fairly inexpensive. So if you’re now spending more for short ribs, it makes sense to get to know the two popular ways that they’re cut, flanken and English style. The difference can come down to thickness of the cut and cook time for your desired meal.

Ruth Krakosky