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The Remains of 100 Abandoned Italian Churches Peek Through Rubble and Foliage in Roman Robroek’s Photos | Colossal Inspiration, Abandoned Churches, Abandoned Mansions, Ruins, Roman, Abandoned Church, Village, Abandoned, Small Towns

Whether cloaked in thick moss and debris or almost entirely preserved, the abandoned churches photographed by Roman Robroek document the effects of a changing landscape. At least 1,000 of the religious spaces are left unoccupied in both small towns and cities throughout Italy and stand in varying degrees of disrepair. In visiting approximately 100 chapels for his series CHIESA, Robroek witnessed how the once-sacred structures have been left behind. “If a church, once the most important haven…

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Cluny, town, east-central France, Saône-et-Loire département, Burgundy (Bourgogne) région, northwest of Mâcon. It owed its early importance to its celebrated Benedictine abbey, founded in 910 by Duke William the Pious of Aquitaine. The newly founded order introduced reform in a period of general monastic laxity, returning to a strict observance of the Benedictine Rule. The abbey, subject to no authority but that of the pope, developed a centralization previously unknown in the Benedictine…

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