Rough diamond engagement ring

Discover a stunning collection of rough diamond engagement rings for brides who want a truly unique and unconventional symbol of love. Find the perfect ring that captures your individual style and stands out from the traditional.
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Raw Rose Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring. Healing Crystal Ring. Promise Ring. Unique Raw Crystal Ring. Handcrafted upcycled rough uncut Herkimer diamond (a form of Quartz with a MOHs scale rating of 7.5 to 8) and rose goldfilled ring. Healing Crystal ring. This stone measures 12mm at its longest point and is set on a dainty rose goldfilled ring. This rough modern organic, unique and not so sparkly, yet very versatile ring makes the perfect me 🎁🛍gift. ❤️Comes in a Jewelriart gift box. As all of…

Carolina Vache