Saddle fitting

Ensure a comfortable and secure ride for you and your horse with these essential tips for saddle fitting. Discover how to find the perfect saddle for optimal performance and enjoyment.
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Find The Right Saddle

Whether you’re looking for a new saddle that can handle all-day trail rides or are wanting something that’ll help you stand out in the show pen, you must keep saddle fit in mind when shopping. Professional saddle fitter Terry Peiper shares her tips for evaluating saddle fit so you can make the right choice the next time you’re in the market for a new saddle.

Susan Nelson
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When Good Saddles Go Bad - Heather Wallace

Confession: I've slowly been crippling my pony. I had no idea my saddle was the reason his ribs and pelvis are constantly out of alignment or that he couldn't physically move forward well. I just thought he was lazy. Saddle fit makes all the difference between a healthy horse and long-term damage.

Nury Ruiz