Saint brigid of kildare

Learn about the remarkable life and legacy of Saint Brigid of Kildare, a patron saint of Ireland. Discover her acts of charity, devotion, and spirituality, and be inspired by her example of faith.
St. Brigid of Kildare traveled all over Ireland... as she would walk along the beaches, she would look out and see where God truly exists....."She beheld the great sea slowly break on the shore,  And her heart quickly beat as she list to its roar,  For a vision it seemed of God on His throne,  And deep awe filled her soul as she stood there alone." Art, Tattoos, Saints, Saint Brigid Of Kildare, St Brigid Of Ireland, Brigid Of Ireland, Brigid Of Kildare, Greek Gods And Goddesses, Deities

February 1 is the feast of the patroness of Ireland, Saint Brigid of Kildare. Most of the materials relating to Saint Brigid published on my previous blog, Under the Oak, have now been archived here. Below is a new post taken from the collection of Irish saints' lives by Father Albert Barry. The writer relies heavily on the hagiographical record and thus presents a wonderful account of all of the most famous miracles and incidents from the life of Saint Brigid: SAINT BRIGID was born at…

Nancy Carmen